Who are we?

We all were born with beautiful, healthy skin. But as we grew we lost our radiance due to pollution and personal bad habits. And then defeated by society’s harsh statements we tried to turn our skin white. When we failed we compromised with our skin and we named this compromise love. But deep down we neither love nor do respect our skin.

We are not a company. We are a philosophy. philosophy of love for beauty and not love for white skin. Driven by this philosophy we create skincare products made up of natural ingredients that gift us our childhood healthy and beautiful skin.

What does PHILIA BEAUTY mean?

Philia, a Greek word that means love and respect. Thus was named our community after our philosophy: LOVE for BEAUTY; PHILIABEAUTY!

What do we specialize in?

* Bleaching creams: philia fruit bleach cream, philia gold bleach cream, philia diamond bleach cream

* Facial kits: philia Diamond facial kits, philia gold facial kits, philia fruit facial kit

* Skincare: meluma aloe vera facewash, meluma lite


This community was established in 1994 in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh with a handful of people who today proudly saying have reached across 60 cities of India in different states


* To educate our customers about their skin.

* To provide skincare products made up of nutritious spices, herbs, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables to take care of our customers’ skin as well as WALLETS by providing affordable prices.

* To teach every Indian to love respect and caress their skin! I.e. TO MAKE THEM A PHILIABEAUTY!

* To promote MAKE IN INDIA revolution.